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    Many countries are implementing legislation to improve energy efficiency in the home. In France, for example, the RT 2012 Green building law requires each dwelling (collective or Individual) to measure the energy consumption of heating, air conditioning, hot water, electrical circuits and other systems.

    The minimum requirement for these systems is to inform the occupant of their energy use by displaying the result of these measurements. The goal is to raise awareness of how energy is being used in order to better control its consumption. Our LEM ATO range can be combined with an ergonomic visual display to help consumers make decisions that typically result in an immediate drop in electricity consumption of about 10-15%.
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    ART - Flexible and tiny Rogowski coil, Class 0.5, IEC 61869-2
    ATO - Split-core Transformer, Class 1 & 3, IEC 61869-2
    Wi-LEM - Wi-LEM is a complete sub-metering network that is fast and easy to install
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