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    The diesel engine activates an alternator, which converts mechanical energy into electricity. The electricity is conducted to the network and measured at the output of the alternator through the ART Rogowski coil, which is connected to the energy meter. The energy meter transmits the information to the central analysis system, which adapts the power generation to demand.

    To measure real-time electricity production, the LEM ART offers several advantages including: the transducer installation on the generator does not require any interruption of production, minimal size and robustness that ensures high reliability and long-term service.
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    ART - Flexible and tiny Rogowski coil, Class 0.5, IEC 61869-2
    ATO - Split-core Transformer, Class 1 & 3, IEC 61869-2
    Wi-LEM - Wi-LEM is a complete sub-metering network that is fast and easy to install
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