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    Measurement via Wi-LEM is the first step to enable anyone to reduce the electricity consumption in a building. LEM wireless EMN combined with our ATO or ART range provide site managers and users with the power consumption of each type of equipment in a building (lighting, computers, HVAC, etc.).

    This information has several benefits: it is possible to identify the devices using the most energy and to estimate if optimizing their operation or replacing them with more efficient solutions would deliver a return on investment. Tracking the use of major electrical devices inside a building also enables the planning of preventive maintenance operations in order to avoid unexpected failures. Real-time electricity consumption data allows enterprises to adjust their supply contract to reflect their real needs more closely.
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    ART - Flexible and tiny Rogowski coil, Class 0.5, IEC 61869-2
    ATO - Split-core Transformer, Class 1 & 3, IEC 61869-2
    Wi-LEM - Wi-LEM is a complete sub-metering network that is fast and easy to install
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