At PCIM Europe 2016 , LEM will launch the “ART” current Rogowski sensor with the capability to measure up to 10000A and beyond. The ART is a raw coil achieving IEC 61869 Class 1 accuracy without the need for additional components like resistors or potentiometers, which have a risk of drift over time. In addition, the ART labelled “Perfect Loop” has a unique patented coil clasp solving the inaccuracy caused by the sensitivity to the position of the conductor inside the loop. Finally, the ART provides the same ease of installation as split-core current transformers (CT) and the same Class 1 accuracy. The ART also has the best performance among other Rogowski coil players.

To complete the LEM City product solutions for the AC current measurement up to 125 A, LEM is also launching he ATO series of split-core current transformers in 2 mechanical designs, one with a 10 mm diameter aperture and one with 16 mm for the primary conductor. 32 models are available to accommodate different current ranges, and types of output (current or voltage). Current output ATO models supply a ratio of 1 mA/A with a class accuracy 3 whilst the voltage output ATO models are available either with a ratio of 225 or 333 mV @ IPR (rated primary current), with a class accuracy 1 according to IEC 61869 standard.

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